Cityscape Students Earn Their Dual Language Super Power!

  • Post published:June 3, 2024
  • Reading time:6 mins read

Cityscape Schools is excited to recognize for the first time students who completed five or more consecutive years of dual language instruction in elementary school. 

This student achievement is part of Cityscape’s commitment to growing global leaders, empowering them with the skill of learning two languages and being bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural. 

 In 2023, The U.S. Department of Education launched the “ Being Bilingual is a Superpower” Initiative to promote and further the understanding of bilingualism and biliteracy as an educational and economic imperative for student success, global competitiveness, and engagement.  

The department of education’s goal resulted in the bolstering of high-quality language programs and a diverse multilingual educator workforce across the country.

The dual language program sets students up for success in the future by increasing their academic achievement, cognitive development, problem-solving skills, and stronger sense of identity and self-esteem. In addition, bilingual and biliterate skills are in high demand and not many people have them, so employers offer higher salaries to attract and retain bilingual employees.

This was the first Dual Language annual ceremony for East Grand Preparatory’s  fifth grade students, as most of them enrolled in the program in first grade. It is a proud sentiment for the teachers and district leadership to show off their students’ dedication throughout the Dual Language program. 

This year, 34 students were awarded with a “Biliteracy Medal and Certificate” and some are even moving to middle school with high school language credits! 

At East Grand Preparatory’s dual language ceremony, the executive principal and 5th grade dual language teachers gave a speech to share their thoughts on why learning a second language is important to them. 

Mr. Juan Ornelas shared a memory of when he first came to the United States and the challenges he faced and the way that learning a second language changed his life tremendously. Ms. Maria Garcia shared with parents and staff the ways she has seen students use both their languages in math class and the improvements they’ve all made, and Mr. Edgardo Rosado talked about how students have succeeded in his classroom. 

Dr. Karla Del Rosal, director of graduate studies, department of teaching and learning at Southern Methodist University was a guest speaker at our first ceremony. 

“I never thought that I had to learn a second language because I thought I would never be living in the United States.” says Dr. Del Rosal. “But here I am, first handedly seeing the power of being bilingual.” 

There are big plans with the Dual Program at Cityscape Schools. One of the ways the Cityscape plans on building it up, is by adding levels to the program. In result, our students will have the opportunity to complete the Seal of Biliteracy. 

“We are committed to growing a new generation of global servant leaders through rigorous instruction, biliteracy, servant leadership and personal development.” said Elda Rojas, Deputy Superintendent and Chief Academic Officer.   

Thanks to the program, parents are seeing a huge improvement in their student’s abilities to speak and have also learned the impact a program like this can have on their students. 

“When I saw the impact that the Dual Language program wa having in my child,I realized i made the right decision  and encouraged other parents to put their kids in the program.” said Ms. De Luna, East Grand Preparatory parent. 

Cityscape Schools is excited to see our students flourish as they use their “Bilingual Superpower.”