Cityscape Students Earn Their Dual Language Super Power!

  • Post published:June 3, 2024
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Cityscape Schools is excited to recognize for the first time students who completed five or more consecutive years of dual language instruction in elementary school.  This student achievement is part of Cityscape’s commitment to growing global leaders, empowering them with the skill of learning two languages and being bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural.   In 2023, The U.S. Department of Education launched the “ Being Bilingual is a Superpower” Initiative to promote and further the understanding of bilingualism and biliteracy as an educational and economic imperative for student success, global competitiveness, and engagement.   The department of education’s goal resulted in the bolstering of high-quality language programs and a diverse multilingual educator workforce across the country. The dual language program sets students up for success in the future by increasing their academic achievement, cognitive development, problem-solving skills, and stronger sense of identity and self-esteem. In addition, bilingual and biliterate skills are in high demand and not many people have them, so employers offer higher salaries to attract and retain bilingual employees. This was the first Dual Language annual ceremony for East Grand Preparatory’s  fifth grade students, as most of them enrolled in the program in first grade. It is a proud sentiment for the teachers and district leadership to show off their students' dedication throughout the Dual Language program.  This year, 34 students were awarded with a “Biliteracy Medal and Certificate” and some are even moving to middle school with high school language credits!  At East Grand Preparatory’s dual language ceremony, the executive principal and 5th grade dual language teachers gave a speech to share their thoughts on why learning a second language is important to them.  Mr. Juan Ornelas shared a memory…

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Cityscape Schools Empowers Teachers to Succeed! 

  • Post published:May 10, 2024
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Cityscape Schools is committed to growing staff, in order to provide a quality education to all students. For that reason, in 2022, district leadership created its own program to assist participants in obtaining their teacher certification, titled “Cityscape Empowering Rising Teachers (CERT). The CERT program was also a result of Cityscape facing a teacher shortage, as many other ISD’s and charter schools in the state and country were facing. The CERT program is a partnership between Cityscape Schools, TEACHWORTHY (an alternative teaching certification program) and Indiana Wesleyan University (for those participants without a bachelor’s degree).  Cityscape Schools offers this program to participants with or without a bachelor’s degree as a pathway to teacher certification in the state of Texas. Participants are able to work as teachers while earning a competitive salary. There were 18 participants in the program the first year. In order to complete the program, all participants must complete five local (Cityscape) courses taught by Cityscape district leaders, which equals 15 semester credit hours at Indiana Wesleyan University. The requirements to be a participant in this program are:  Cohort for non-degreed participants: Must have 30 college credit hours from an accredited institution Starting salary at $41,000 Complete 8 Teachworthy modules for 10 college credit hours Complete 5 Cityscape courses for 15 college credit hours Complete remaining hours for bachelor’s degree with Indiana Wesleyan University Pass respective teacher certification exams Upon successful completion of all certification requirements, salary will increase to $58,000 Must commit to 3 years of employment at Cityscape Schools  Cohort for degreed participants: Must have bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution Starting salary at $51,000 Complete 8 Teachworthy modules for 10 college credit hours Complete 5…

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Cityscape Prepares Students to Excel in High School 

  • Post published:April 10, 2024
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Four EGP students get accepted into Townview Center. This year was not only the first year with most applicants from East Grand Preparatory at Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Center, but it was also the first year with the most students accepted!  Carlos Frias, Daisy Lopez, Johanna Rosas, and Diego Ramirez are the four EGP students who will begin high school this fall 2024 at Townview.  Townview is known to be one of the most prestigious high schools in the country. The admission process is quite laborious and requires assessments, essays, and interviews.  Something that differentiates Townview from other schools, is that students are able to apply for  different schools within Townview, which allows them to select one that focuses on their career interest. Each EGP student who applied to Townview for high school, had a different way of testing in accordance to the school they were applying for.  Carlos found the most challenging part of his application process to be creating a portfolio of himself and what he wants to pursue in the future. Johanna felt that creating an interview-video to perfection to be the hardest part for her. Daisy and Diego thought that the testing was the tough part.  Carlos is excited to start learning more about the career he is trying to pursue in the future.  “It’s such an honor to continue my education at Marvin E. Robinson School of Business and Management in townview high school!” said Carlos.  Daisy will be a part of the School of Science and Engineering and is already thinking about what she plans to do in the future!  “I’m really excited to continue my education at one of the most prestigious schools…

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Partnership with Pleasant Oaks Recreation Center and Buckner Preparatory Brings New Opportunities for Students and Parents!

  • Post published:February 26, 2024
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Buckner Preparatory partnered up with Pleasant Oaks Recreation Center, part of the City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department, to offer an opportunity for our students to engage in sports, such as soccer and basketball.  The Dallas Park and Recreation Department offers these youth sports scholarships to ensure that the students can participate in this program without bearing the financial burden of a registration fee.  Thanks to this partnership, Pleasant Oaks Recreation Center offered 10 scholarships to students and also provided uniforms for game days. Buckner Preparatory was able to help toward half of the registration fee of several students.  “I look forward in continuing to work with the students and staff from Buckner Prep and invite other cityscape campuses to create a youth sports partnership with us,” said Mr. Ebelardo Faz, Recreation Supervisor.  Teams are separated depending on the age of the students. So far this school year, Buckner Preparatory has had teams in U4, U6, U8, U10 and U12 for outdoor soccer;  U6 U8 and U12 for indoor soccer, and U12 for basketball . Being involved in sports has had a positive impact on the students and this impact is reflecting on their academic grades and change in attitude. “Being a part of something motivates students to stay on track and follow behavioral expectations,” said Ms. Lira, Assistant Principal at Buckner Preparatory. “Overall, students show that they’re proud to belong to something.  “Our students are so happy that they belong to something outside of class, the other day we had jersey day and our team players chose to wear their game jerseys instead of professional jerseys,” said Ms. Dominga Lira, BP Vice Principal. “I see the faces of…

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TIA Newsletter January 2024: What is Cityscape’s TIA Spending Plan?

  • Post published:January 9, 2024
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During the district’s TIA steering committee meetings, input was gathered on the development of the TIA spending plan. The steering committee is comprised of the superintendent, district chief officers, principals, assistant principals, instructional coaches, and teachers, who all played an important role in decision-making processes. While each district makes its own determination on how to distribute TIA funds to teachers, Texas Education Code 48.112 specifies “at least 90 percent of each allotment be used for compensation of teachers employed at the campus at which the teacher for whom the district received the allotment is employed.” The remaining 10 percent may be used by the district for “costs associated with implementing (TIA), including efforts to support teachers in obtaining designations.” Districts will make individual decisions regarding how the TIA funds will be distributed between the teacher earning the designation and the other teachers assigned to his or her campus.  Cityscape's TIA steering committee determined that 90 percent should be provided directly to the teacher of record, who will earn their TIA distinction through a rigorous formula of excellence in the classroom combined with excellence in student achievement.  Therefore, Cityscape Schools will provide 90 percent of the TIA funds directly to the teacher who earned a TIA designation and reserve the remaining 10 percent of the funds to support the TIA initiative at the district level.  As the law dictates, district TIA funds will only be used for costs associated with implementing the TIA, including efforts to support teachers in obtaining designations. The steering committee wanted to utilize the entire 10 percent to financially support appropriate training, professional development, measurement tools, and all other necessary components to assist teachers in reaching a…

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EGP’s National Junior Honor Society 

  • Post published:November 1, 2023
  • Reading time:9 mins read

Students in the National Junior Honor Society - Leonard Brannon and Glenda Brannon Chapter -   bring a new light to Cityscape’s East Grand Preparatory.  At East Grand Preparatory, it is an honor to be selected to join the society. Eligible candidates must be in seventh or eighth grade, or the second semester of sixth grade, and must have completed at least one semester at East Grand Preparatory.  Sixteen middle school students make up this chapter and have worked very hard to be a part of it.  The honor society encourages students to be more focused on their academic scores. The minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) requirement is a 3.5 on a 4.0 scale. Candidates are also evaluated based on their service, leadership, character, and citizenship qualities.  Membership in NJHS is awarded by a committee of five school community members, led by the chapter adviser, following the National Junior Honor Society bylaws. East Grand Preparatory leaders and  to nurture leadership and organizational skills in our members, equipping them to become leaders in our school, their communities, and any other environment they find themselves in. “My primary goal is to raise the visibility of the chapter on our campus. It's important that our EGP students are aware of our activities and objectives, inspiring them to become future leaders in our school,” said Mr. Angel Rodriguez-Colon, EGP teacher and coordinator for the NJHS. NJHS is successful in enforcing their members to understand that embodying their core values (scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship) will result essential in any career or profession they choose to pursue.  East Grand Preparatory aims to foster school spirit by having the school community support the students…

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TIA Newsletter September 2023: What is Our Plan?

  • Post published:September 12, 2023
  • Reading time:4 mins read

For the 2023-2024 academic school year, Cityscape’s Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) plan now covers all Reading, Math, Science, and Pre-K teachers, grades Pre-K through 8.  Both certified and uncertified teachers are eligible to qualify for a TIA designation. Cityscape’s district plan is comprised of: Student Growth – 50 percent Teacher Observation – 50 percent Attendance - prerequisite Our measurement for Student Growth is MAP (for grades K through 8) and CIRCLE (for our Pre-K teachers). Our measurement of Teacher Observation is T-TESS (for all grades):  Domains 2 & 3 To learn more about Teacher Incentive Allotment, see the Texas Education Agency Resources ( Exciting News! The scoop of the dayCityscape home to 16 TIA Designees for the 2023-2024 School Year! For the first time in district history, Cityscape Schools is home to 16 teachers who have earned designations through the state’s Teacher Incentive Allotment program. Nine teachers are veteran Cityscape teachers and the remaining seven teachers had already earned their designations at other districts when they came to Cityscape for the current school year. The following teachers are in their second year (or higher) with Cityscape Schools: Acuña, Sol – ECC - RecognizedCupido, Carlos – EGP – RecognizedEsquivel, Margarita – BP - ExemplaryFranco, Alva – EGP – RecognizedGarcia, Maria – EGP – RecognizedHoward, Naima – BP – ExemplaryMiles, Lindsey – EGP – RecognizedOrnelas, Juan – EGP – RecognizedRodriguez, Angel – EGP – Recognized And a huge Cityscape welcome to the following teachers who are new this year, but earned designations through their previous districts: Arellano, Rosa – EGP – ExemplaryCabra, Diana – EGP – RecognizedCamarillo, Gabriel – EGP – MasterChilds, Samantha – EGP – MasterDe Fex, Raul – EGP –…

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The Importance of Showing Up

  • Post published:September 11, 2023
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Attendance Awareness  Cityscape Schools acknowledges the importance of showing up every day! September is known as Attendance Awareness Month and we are dedicated to helping our families understand how being in class every day impacts their children’s learning. Recent surveys have shown that some of the reasons that  students are absent include: 48%, short-term illness, 10% chronic illness, 2% bad weather and 1% unreliable transportation.  A research made by Attendance Works stated that 10% of missed school days missed due to absence for any reason, even if it’s excused or unexcused, can translate into students having difficulty learning to read by the third grade, achieving in middle school, and graduating from high school.  Students at Cityscape Schools are required to not miss more than 28 school days, that includes both excused and unexcused absences. In addition, our campus leadership team is responsible for applying those consequences to those students who don't meet the required days of attendance, those consequences may result in expulsion, suspension or required summer school.  Over the past few years, the misconception on chronic absenteeism has created a division between families and schools. While for some administrators absenteeism can be easily confused with lack of interest in education by families, research has shown to them that the difficulty to connect with schools is among the top reasons why students are absent.  We Are Here To Help! Our team at Cityscape Schools prides itself on staying connected with families and keeping that communication intact as it’s the first sentence of our Mission Statement, “Cityscape Schools exists to work in an educational partnership with families.” Chief officer of Culture and Climate, Dr. Billy Ferrell says Cityscape knows the importance of keeping…

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Giving Cityscape PreK Students a Head Start

  • Post published:August 9, 2023
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Cityscape Schools and Head Start of Greater Dallas are partnering to provide high-quality child-development services to families of 3 and 4-year old students, enrolled at Cityscape’s Early Childhood Center.  Cityscape is one of the few charter schools currently partnering with Head Start.  As part of the collaboration, Head Start provides income eligible families with resources that empowers them to better engage in the education of their children. This enables parents to partner with educators so that together they can develop a foundation that will lead students through success not only in school, but in life.  “We are honored and thankful to unite forces with Head Start, to together change one child at a time,” said Elda Rojas, Cityscape Schools Deputy Superintendent and Chief Academic Officer. Our vision at Cityscape is to work in partnerships with families to prepare children and young people to fulfill productive leadership roles in society. Collaborating with an organization like Head Start, who’s mission aligns with our commitment to families, will give our students a stronger foundation and will open a world of opportunities.”  Some of the services provided through the partnership by Head Start’s qualified staff include preventative health and nutrition, social and educational services, among many other resources, all for free.  In addition to development resources provided to families, students have the opportunity to participate in interactive activities such as field trips. Interested in becoming part of Cityscape’s family? Enroll your child today, contact us at or call us at (469) 905-0336. To receive services through Head Start, you must also submit an application to their program, by clicking here. APPLY TO HEAD START Early Childhood Program

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First group in Cityscape Schools to Participate in The Congressional Award!

  • Post published:July 18, 2023
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Our middle school students created memorable experiences and developed new skills through The Congressional Award summit as part of Cityscapes Foresight Summer Camp!  Cityscape is proud to bring this first-of-its kind leadership program to our middle school students. This program traditionally engages students starting high school but thanks to a close collaboration with The Congressional Award, our middle students had the opportunity to participate in the prestigious national program.  “We are honored to partner with The U.S. Congressional Award Program to bring life-learning changing leadership experiences program to our first group of eighth graders at Cityscape Schools,” said Elda Rojas, Deputy Superintendent and Chief Academic Officer. “The program will help our students grow academically and social-emotionally and will open an array of opportunities for them.”  The Congressional Award is the United States Congress’ only charity and the highest honor bestowed upon a youth civilian through the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. Mateo Magdaleno, from the Magdaleno Leadership Institute and member of the Congressional Award Program, introduced himself to our students by giving them an inspiring story and assuring them that they can do anything they want and introduced Mission I’m Possible, “Together, we can change the world.” This week-long program allowed our students to get a glimpse into what it’s like to be a college student. By focusing on issues, our students were challenged to come up with plans for the issues in question through an action plan. They started everyday with the whole group in which they all learned about the President’s Service Award and the Congressional award and its history. Then the whole group divided into small groups to work on their Issues to Action.  Our students…

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