What is a Charter school?

Charter schools are tuition-free public schools and open enrollment to all students. That means that your family can choose them for your children instead of the usual government-managed public schools.

Charter schools operate with freedom from some of the regulations and red tape imposed upon district schools. We are accountable for academic results and for upholding the promises made in our charter. Cityscape made the choice to focus on our local community, providing the personal attention that will ensure all students thrive

Like all public schools, charter schools are:


Part of the free public school system


Held to state and federal academic standards


Open to all students without discrimination of any kind


Funded through a combination of federal, state, and local tax dollars


Not affiliated with religious group

25 years of texas public charter schools

Charters in Texas are contributing to the increased success of ISDs in Texas. Texas public charters turn 25, competition has been proven to be good for charters and ISDs in Texas. (Texas Public Charter School Association, 2020)


Cityscape Schools exists to work in an educational partnership with families. We desire to provide a distinctive environment of educational opportunity for all children and young people in our community. Cityscape students will have the opportunity to become well prepared, life-long learners possessing the character, knowledge, and wisdom necessary to succeed, lead, and contribute to their community and to society.


Our vision is to work in partnership with families to prepare children and young people to fulfill productive leadership roles in society.

Why Cityscape Schools


We work closely with parents to cultivate our students’ strong thinking skills, self-discipline, and healthy relationships.

Our rigorous curriculum focuses on a holistic, global, and biliterate approach that is grounded in research-based practices.

 We are intentional in providing the best learning practices that are meaningful and educationally on target.

Cityscape is quickly growing


TOP 14%

Fastest growing schools in Texas

Three campuses open tuition-free

East Grand Preparatory

"I strive to educate all scholars, regardless of their socioeconomic background, ethnicity, or native language. ”

6211 East Grand Avenue Dallas, TX 75223
Phone: (214) 824-4747
Fax: (214) 824-4447

Early Childhood Center

"I lead every day with the belief that every moment as an educator is an opportunity to teach and cultivate respectful, mindful, and groundbreaking global citizens.”

6015 Lindsley Ave. Dallas. TX. 75223
Phone: (214) 824-4747
Fax: (214) 824-4447

Buckner Preparatory

“ As an educator, I have a strong belief that all students have the ability to learn, understand, and reason. ”

8510 Military Parkway Dallas, TX 75227
Phone: (214) 545-6552
Fax: (214) 545-6552

Message from the Superintendent

Our commitment is to provide under-served children in our community with a free, rigorous, high-quality education that offers the knowledge, skills and character traits necessary to thrive in school, college and the competitive world beyond. We have been in Dallas since 2006 changing One Child at a Time.

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