Partnership with Pleasant Oaks Recreation Center and Buckner Preparatory Brings New Opportunities for Students and Parents!

  • Post published:February 26, 2024
  • Reading time:6 mins read

Buckner Preparatory partnered up with Pleasant Oaks Recreation Center, part of the City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department, to offer an opportunity for our students to engage in sports, such as soccer and basketball. 

The Dallas Park and Recreation Department offers these youth sports scholarships to ensure that the students can participate in this program without bearing the financial burden of a registration fee.

 Thanks to this partnership, Pleasant Oaks Recreation Center offered 10 scholarships to students and also provided uniforms for game days. Buckner Preparatory was able to help toward half of the registration fee of several students. 

“I look forward in continuing to work with the students and staff from Buckner Prep and invite other cityscape campuses to create a youth sports partnership with us,” said Mr. Ebelardo Faz, Recreation Supervisor. 

Teams are separated depending on the age of the students. So far this school year, Buckner Preparatory has had teams in U4, U6, U8, U10 and U12 for outdoor soccer;  U6 U8 and U12 for indoor soccer, and U12 for basketball


Being involved in sports has had a positive impact on the students and this impact is reflecting on their academic grades and change in attitude. “Being a part of something motivates students to stay on track and follow behavioral expectations,” said Ms. Lira, Assistant Principal at Buckner Preparatory. “Overall, students show that they’re proud to belong to something. 

“Our students are so happy that they belong to something outside of class, the other day we had jersey day and our team players chose to wear their game jerseys instead of professional jerseys,” said Ms. Dominga Lira, BP Vice Principal. “I see the faces of students light up when they ask me about joining one of our sports teams.”

This partnership has also opened new and fun volunteer opportunities for our Buckner Preparatory parents, as several of them are coaching our BP teams. 

Seeing parents involved gives students more encouragement to grow their sportsmanship and their skills to be successful. 

“I’ve seen a great amount of change in attitude and kindness,” said Ms. Duran Garcia, BP parent and U12 volunteer team coach. “A lot of players underestimated what they were capable of and now they are showing better self esteem!” 

For a lot of our students, this is the first time participating in a sports team. They are learning new skills and getting out of their comfort zone.

“Parents should be involved because these days they are being influenced with everything going on around them,” said Mr. Ricky Trevino, also a BP parent and volunteer coach. “Being there and being involved shows them support and love and many times without having to use words… If I can lead them by just being involved then I feel like it’s a step in the right direction.”

We are proud and thankful for this partnership with the City’s Dallas Park and Recreation Department, and specifically with Pleasant Oaks Recreation Center. This support has brought new lifetime experiences to our students at Buckner Preparatory and it is helping them to grow their sports skills and encouraging them to continue succeeding academically.