Giving Cityscape PreK Students a Head Start

  • Post published:August 9, 2023
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Cityscape Schools and Head Start of Greater Dallas are partnering to provide high-quality child-development services to families of 3 and 4-year old students, enrolled at Cityscape’s Early Childhood Center.  Cityscape is one of the few charter schools currently partnering with Head Start.  As part of the collaboration, Head Start provides income eligible families with resources that empowers them to better engage in the education of their children. This enables parents to partner with educators so that together they can develop a foundation that will lead students through success not only in school, but in life.  “We are honored and thankful to unite forces with Head Start, to together change one child at a time,” said Elda Rojas, Cityscape Schools Deputy Superintendent and Chief Academic Officer. Our vision at Cityscape is to work in partnerships with families to prepare children and young people to fulfill productive leadership roles in society. Collaborating with an organization like Head Start, who’s mission aligns with our commitment to families, will give our students a stronger foundation and will open a world of opportunities.”  Some of the services provided through the partnership by Head Start’s qualified staff include preventative health and nutrition, social and educational services, among many other resources, all for free.  In addition to development resources provided to families, students have the opportunity to participate in interactive activities such as field trips. Interested in becoming part of Cityscape’s family? Enroll your child today, contact us at or call us at (469) 905-0336. To receive services through Head Start, you must also submit an application to their program, by clicking here. APPLY TO HEAD START Early Childhood Program

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Dallas Fire Department Visits ECC!

  • Post published:February 9, 2023
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Cityscape's Early Childhood Center had some special guests from the Dallas Fire Department... a Dalmatian puppet dog named Sparky alongside Officer Lewis. The DFD's Rescue team showed our students what a fire alarm should look like and what sound it makes. Our students also learned what to do in case of a fire or if a person is on fire. They all yelled "Stop, Drop, & Roll," and learned that there should be a Family meeting point in case of any emergency. Another important lesson today was: when to call 911 and what information to give them. Our two students: Gemma & Jesus participated in showing their classmates how and when to call! At the end, Sparky played a couple of games with all of students like hide and seek and a guessing game. To finish off, our students pledged to follow everything learned in any case of a fire. We'd like to thank Dallas Fire Department for their time with our amazing students!

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