Principals Appreciation Month

  • Post published:October 21, 2022
  • Reading time:3 mins read

Jos茅 L贸pez 馃 馃
Early Childhood Center Principal

My WHY as a campus leader is my belief in teachers and students. Every teacher has the capacity to make a positive impact on students, leading them toward success, just like every student has the potential to be successful. The magic that happens when you combine the talent that teachers and students have is what gives purpose to my role as campus principal.

Mr. L贸pez has been a principal for the past two years and has served in education for total of 19 years.

Celia Sanchez 馃 馃
East Grand Preparatory Executive Principal

My WHY is to educate all scholars, regardless of their socioeconomic background, ethnicity or native language. As educators our mission is to lead students to their greatest potential on their path to college, while nurturing their social and emotional aspirations.

Ms. Sanchez has been a campus principal for 7 years, and a total of 15 as an educator.

Clarencia Wade 馃 馃
Buckner Preparatory Principal

My WHY is the desire to ensure the academic and social-emotional success of our students, while also instilling a love for teaching and learning within our teachers and staff. I enjoy working in education and it is my hope to continue to strive to lead and revolutionize a system, a way of thinking, and a way of educating that promotes academic success and greatness that extends beyond the classroom walls.

Ms. Wade has been an educator for 19 years, five of those as campus principal.