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Lisa Johnson

Special Education Coordinator
Lisa Johnson
Ms. Johnson began her educational career as a special education teacher in 1993. She became interested in assessment when she became aware of the low achievement levels in students, despite their abilities in other areas. After additional training in dyslexia identification and remediation, she became a dyslexia assessment specialist. After pursuing her master’s degree in educational psychology in 2009 at Texas A&M, Ms. Johnson gained additional graduate level training in special education at Texas Tech University. After graduate school, Ms. Johnson moved to Dallas and began to work in the school districts as an educational diagnostician. In 2018, she obtained additional certification as a registered professional educational diagnostician through the Texas Professional Educational Diagnostician Association. Ms. Johnson joined the Cityscape team in 2019 as the special education coordinator.
As the Special Education Coordinator for Cityscape Schools, her job is to oversee programming that provides educational support to students who have disabilities. She takes pride in her role serving as a facilitator to maximize growth potential for students with exceptional learning needs.  Her role includes planning, administering, and assessing the effectiveness of short-term and long-term services for students with disabilities, as well as coordinating the efforts of all educators to encourage academic, social and emotional growth for students. She is responsible for ensuring that all students with disabilities are identified and served appropriately within the educational environment. She plans professional development for general and special education teachers, and collaborates with experts in curriculum and instruction to ensure that students with exceptionalities have appropriate access to a free, appropriate public education.
Lisa Johnson, M.Ed., RPED #1960