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Our Approach

The Philosophy of Education at Cityscape Schools is grounded in the belief that every student can learn and that working together with parents, we can ensure success for each student.

Cityscape Schools believes in having a “partnership with families...”An educational partnership requires mutual respect and civility, accountability, and communication. Partnership with families implies two issues: Responsibility and Consistency.

Parents are charged with the primary responsibility of the comprehensive well-being of their children. Parents delegate only a portion of that responsibility to a school. Cityscape Schools accepts the responsibility to educate any one child when, on the basis of informed consent, that child is enrolled as a student.

What is informed consent?

Informed consent exists is when parents, prior to enrollment, have obtained a clear understanding of everything Cityscape Schools expects and provides. Simply put, there should be few to no surprises after enrollment. Parents have the responsibility to examine all the core informational documents of the school but especially The Parent-

Student Handbook

Conversely, partnership can only be said to exist when Cityscape Schools is attempting in good faith to carry out its responsibility: creating an environment of opportunity wherein the mission statement can become a reality for every student entrusted to our care.


Partnership between Cityscape Schools and the family implies some degree of consistency between what is valued at school and what is valued at home. If the school values regular attendance, for example, but this is not reinforced at home, the degree to which the child can experience the academy’s mission as a reality is lessened in direct proportion.

Consistency between family and school is a significantly empowering factor in the life of a child. The greater the degree of consistency, the greater the likelihood that the child will experience Cityscape Schools as an environment of opportunity.
Without consistency, there is no partnership. Parents must examine not only Cityscape Schools, but their own values, expectations, and standards to determine whether or not Cityscape Schools is the right school for their family. For its part, Cityscape Schools must do its best to represent the school in a realistic and informative fashion, and to the degree possible, assess the level of consistency that must exist between the school and the enrolling family.

“....a distinctive environment of educational opportunity.....”

Cityscape Schools is a distinctive environment because we recognize the needs of the whole child and we provide educational opportunities for these needs to be met.

Children and young people have spiritual needs. Therefore, Cityscape Schools will partner with families to provide our students with the opportunity to develop strong character, integrity, a commitment to community service, and a positive vision for their lives and for their community.

Children and young people have intellectual needs. Therefore, Cityscape Schools will partner with families to provide our students with developmentally appropriate instruction across the full range of intellectual abilities: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

Children and young people have academic needs. Therefore, Cityscape Schools will partner with families to assess, appropriately place, and provide appropriate educational services for all students accepted into our academy.

Children and young people have social needs. Therefore, Cityscape Schools will partner with families to provide our students with opportunities to develop healthy relationships within the family, their peers, and classmates, with members of their community, and with society at large.

Children and young people have emotional needs. Therefore, Cityscape Schools will partner with families to foster a secure environment that creates and reinforces an awareness within our students that they are loved and respected in all circumstances and by all faculty and staff.

Children and young people have physical needs. Therefore, Cityscape Schools will partner with families to provide our students with developmentally appropriate fitness activities. Cityscape Schools will provide health instruction that emphasizes the human body as a temple so that our students will have the opportunity to internalize the implications this awareness brings regarding health, fitness, and lifestyle choices.

Children and young people have creative needs. Therefore, Cityscape Schools will partner with families to provide students with developmentally appropriate fine arts opportunities intended to awaken, cultivate, and develop their talents, creative gifts, and abilities.

“.....educational opportunity for all children our community.....

Cityscape Schools is strategically, and intentionally, located so that we can be an “information and opportunity” center for families in our community. We will proactively connect families with the educational resources, within the school and without, that will address the needs, abilities, and talents of their children.
The “culture and community” of Cityscape Schools will surround our students with a vision for their future that transcends labels, classifications, and prejudices. Our students will have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and develop the strength of character necessary not only to survive, but to thrive.

“well learners..............”

Our guiding assumption is that every student who walks through our door is ultimately college bound. It is our job to provide students with the opportunity to be well prepared for success in college and other post secondary opportunities.

Success in college involves innate ability, but to a greater degree it requires:

• basic academic skills
• a strong work ethic
• motivation
• the ability to think
• self-discipline
• ability to acquire knowledge and skills independently and
• a love of learning

Cityscape Schools will provide all students with developmentally appropriate opportunities to acquire the knowledge and values necessary for personal and academic success throughout their school years and throughout their lives.

Students who apply themselves to all that we ask of them and who avail themselves of all that we provide for them will indeed have the opportunity to be “well prepared” to make the transition from one grade level to the next, from elementary to middle school, from middle school to high school, and ultimately from Cityscape Schools to college and other post-secondary learning environments.

“...character, knowledge, and wisdom necessary to succeed, lead, and contribute...”

There is an old story that perhaps best captures the heart of our philosophy. It is the ancient literary account of three captive Hebrew young people. These young people are described as being widely read in literature and science, quick to comprehend and able to learn. They are also described as wise. They were, however, not considered a part of the mainstream of society.

Despite demands through the years to years to lay aside the values and wisdom which had been instilled in them, no compromise could be found in their hearts. In the end, they assumed leadership roles in the midst of a society that did not understand them, did not always value them, but needed what they had to offer.
We believe that all of our students are leaders in training. We believe that our graduates will serve their families, their communities, and their fellow man as leaders and role models in the midst of a society that would otherwise have overlooked their potential.

In the end....
Cityscape Schools does not represent a guarantee. We represent an opportunity. We provide a comprehensive, character driven, educational opportunity that will serve as the foundation and springboard for children and young people to lead and succeed in college and in life.