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Digital Media Club


We are starting a journalist/writers club called Digital Media Club. We will have the students publish articles in monthly issues that will be posted here on this page.

There are 13 members and 6 mentors and an Editor in Chief.

Here is everybody involved:


Editor in chief

Ms. Alinnette Casiano


News Editor

Mr. Torres

Sports Reporter-Kyra McGill

Sports Reporter-Tiffany Ramos


News Editor

Ms. Noemi Ramos

School Events Reporter-Jayla Estevane


Community Editor

Mrs. Heidie Vazquez

Staff Reporter- Suzette Avellaneda

Community Connection Columnist-Allison Silva


Design Editor

Mr. Angel Rodriguez

· Photography- Jazmin Arellano

· Comics & Cartoons

o Elijah Ramos

o Briana Munoz


A & E

Ms. Zuleyka Martinez

Reviews- Brissa Espinoza

Polls- Jairo Ruiz


Lifestyle Editor

Ms. Norma Gomez

· IB Attributes Columnist- Valeria Gonzalez

· Student Life- Rebeca Castaneda

· College Life- Joana Murillo