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Digital Media Club

The Eagle’s Voice is a Middle School Students’ publication. With our Digital News Site, we invigorate our school community and national culture through investigative research. This news site is a student-run publication. Our student members are pioneers of the Digital Media Club, mentored by an Emeritus Directive, who are active faculty members. Our main purpose is to inform, inspire, and unify our school community in a positive and unforgettable manner.


Editor in chief
Ms. Alinnette Casiano


News Editor
Mr. Torres

Sports Reporter-Amiel Sanchez and Naimah Adallah


News Editor
Ms. Noemi Ramos

School Events Reporter-Mya Reyes

Community Editor
Mrs. Heidie Vazquez

Staff Reporter- Gabriella Avellaneda
Community Connection Columnist- Angela Vargas


Design Editor
Mr. Angel Rodriguez

Photography- Jonathan Arango and Jairo Ruiz
Comics and Cartoons- Elijah Ramos and Tiffany Ramos


A & E
Ms. Zuleyka Martinez

Reviews- Brissa Espinoza and Valeria Gonzalez
Podcast- Emily Lobos
Attributes Columnist –Jasmin Arellano

Lifestyle Editor
Ms. Norma Gomez

Student Life –Anaya Chong
College Life – Daisy Ruano