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Counseling Mission Statement
The mission of the Cityscape Schools Counseling Services is to create and sustain an effective comprehensive counseling and guidance program that, encourages personal and social growth, promotes academic success and prepares all students for college and career readiness.
The school counselor provides an organized, planned pathway for helping all students acquire the skills necessary for successful social, emotional and academic development. The school counselor integrates four key components while supporting student needs:
School Guidance Curriculum:
  • Instruct and assist in teaching the school counseling curriculum
  • Conduct workshops and informational sessions for parents or guardians to address the needs of the school community and to implement the school counseling curriculum
  • Train staff on state mandated guidance, like bullying prevention, suicide prevention and intervention, and child abuse
Responsive Services:
  • Provide small group counseling or individual counseling for students expressing difficulties dealing with relationships, personal concerns, or normal developmental tasks
  • Provide counseling, comfort, and support to students and families facing crisis situations
  • Utilize referral sources to address long-term counseling concerns such as depression, anxiety, family difficulties, violence, abuse, and suicidal ideation
Individual Student Planning:
  • Serve and organize MTSS and 504 meetings
  • Assist students as they analyze and evaluate abilities, interests, skills, and achievement
  • Advise students using personal/social, academic, career, and in planning personal, educational, and occupational goals
Consultation and System Support:
  • Consult with parents or guardians, colleagues, and community agencies regarding strategies to help students and families
  • Serve as student advocates