Free meals to all students

NON-DISCRIMINATION NOTICE: Cityscape Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex, religion, disability, or genetic information.
Food Distribution (Monday, September 14)
Food Distribution
Comida gratis
Fresh Produce for The Community (Wednesday, July 29th)
In partnership with Harvest Project Food Rescue, this Wednesday 29 we will be delivering Fresh Produce to the community.
This is part of Food for Thought Educational Program, an initiative that seeks to support education through the nutrition of the Cityscape Schools families.
Fresh produce for the community
En alianza con Harvest Project Food Rescue, este miércoles 29 de julio estaremos entregando productos frescos para nuestra comunidad.
Este evento es parte de Food for Thought Educational Program, una iniciativa que busca apoyar la educación de los estudiantes y familias de Cityscape a través de la nutrición.
📍¿Dónde? En East Grand Preparatory, A Cityscape School
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Food for thought Fresh Produce
Fresh Produce for The Community (Wednesday, May 25th)
As part of our Food for Thought Education Program, this Thursday June 25, we will be delivering Fresh Produce to the community.
📍Where? At East Grand Preparatory, A Cityscape School
👏Thank you to our sponsors: Harvest Project Food Rescue, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas and DiMare Fresh
Free meals fresh product
Como parte del programa Food for Thought Education Program, este jueves 25 de junio, estaremos entregando productos frescos para nuestra comunidad.
📍¿Dónde? En East Grand Preparatory, A Cityscape School
👏Agradecemos a nuestros patrocinadores: Harvest Project Food Rescue, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas y DiMare Fresh
Productos frescos para la comunidad
Update | Grab & Go Meals (Thursday, May 28th)
Our feeding program will continue the month of June and July at our 3 locations every Wednesday from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM (or until supplies last). Every student in the community (18 years old and younger) can receive 7 days of breakfast and lunch. Students have to be present in the car.
Nuestro programa de alimentos continuará durante el mes de junio y julio en nuestras tres locaciones de distribución. Las comidas se repartirán todos los miércoles de 10:00 AM a 1:00 PM (o hasta agotar existencias). Cada estudiante en la comunidad (de hasta 18 años) recibirá desayuno y comida para 7 días. El estudiante debe estar presente en el auto.
comida gratis para todos los estudiantes
Update | Grab & Go Meals (Monday, April 6th)
Dear Cityscape Families:
According to the National School Program Lunch, we can only provide meals to cover the days we had planned to be open during the school year. For that reason, weekends and holidays will not be covered. We have four scheduled holidays for the reminder of the year: April 10, April 13, May 1 and May 25.
The service times may be shortened if all food is distributed as meals will be available while supplies last.
Like many schools districts in Texas, starting April 15 Cityscape Schools will only be distributing meals on Wednesday's between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.
In the table below, you can see the dates that we will be distributing meals as well as the number of meals that will be provided.
Meals dates   Fechas de servicio



Update | Grab & Go Meals (Effective Monday, March 30th)


Dear Cityscape Faculty, Staff and Families:

On behalf of Mr. David Tecuatl, Chief Operations Officer, we will changing the meal distributions to Mondays and Thursdays. The meals will be bundled to ensure that students receive meals for all 7 days. Please see attached flyer and further details will be on the website.  


This decision was made to ensure the safety of our staff, parents and students.


grab and go meals

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We are offering free meals to all children in the community 18 years of age and younger. Only Grab-and-go.
Monday to Friday starting March 21
10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Access to enter the building will not be available. Meals will be distributed curbside at our schools and partnership locations.