Nasa Story 3

It was the big day that we were going to the Houston/Galveston field trip. we went to a forest, NASA, dolphins, and much more. it was 3 days long and the drive is long. I was so exited for trip to being. we rode about 2 hours to go on a forest trail.

We then went straight to the boardwalk. The board walk was super fun we rode rides and got icees.

The next morning we went to eat and get ready to go to NASA. I learned that there was no north, east, south, or west in space. they can sleep on the roof or on the wall and it won’t feel like it because there is no gravity in space. Also you can only eat certain type of foods and there is no water they use dry shampoo. They have to take their urine and turn into drinking water. It was super fun at NASA.

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