Nasa Story 2

Every year EGP has an out of town field trip for the upper grades. This year 5th and 6th grades went to NASA, Galveston/Houston. The first day we went to a forest to go hiking. It was really hot and of course we took lots pictures. After the forest we went to Kemah Boardwalk. There everyone got on all kinds of rides.

The second day, after breakfast in the hotel, we went to NASA. Kids had to wear uniforms and chaperones had to dress nice. We saw a science show that talked about action/reaction. This means if you do something it will come back the opposite. For example, if you blow up a balloon, the air goes up. So, if you release the air it comes back down. After the show, my friends and I went on a simulator. The simulator is a ride where you go inside and one drives, while the other one shoots your opponent. We then went to Galveston to ride a boat for an hour and see dolphons. We all got to see dolphins, and while one half of the boat saw a baby sea turtle, the other half saw a dead jelly fish (eww!).

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